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Rain Chains

Rain chains are an ornamental substitute for traditional downspouts.  While not appropriate for every circumstance, they provide a stunning visual display and a wonderful addition to the usual sounds that accompany a rain storm.

They come in all shapes and sizes and can be selected on the basis of themes and colors.

Rain chains must be preordered and paid in advance as they are completely subject to individual tastes and ideas.

They are surprisingly effective, although they are more suitable for warmer climates.  The unpredictable nature of freezing can impact their effectiveness.  In colder climates, darker colored chains are recommended.

Also, areas prone to severe rainstorms are better served with traditional downspouts.  Combining them with rain barrels adds an aesthetic as well as a functional dimension.

If you would like to consider rain chains for you home, please call us and we can examine your location to help you decide if this attractive option would be a wise choice for you.

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Seamless Gutters

Leaf Protection

De-Icing Cables

Splash Blocks

Snow Guards

Rain Barrels

Protective Edging

Rain Chains

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are attractive and durable

At BuyRite Seamless Gutters we install both residential and commercial aluminum seamless gutters.  

The standard width is a five inch gutter and we use .027-.032 inch of the finest quality aluminum gutter material.

For those applications that require it, we can install a 6" wide seamless gutter.  We can also install copper gutters if desired.

Please see our FAQs for additional information, or feel free to email or call if you have other questions.

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Leaf Protection

Again, see our FAQs and review the FREE VIDEOS for insights into the advantages of leaf protection.  We use a product called Shur Flo and have had extremely good results with it. We use Shur Flo to prevent clogged gutters

Leaf Protection (sometimes called gutter guards or covers) are a time saver and help eliminate the risks and aggravations of cleaning your gutters on a routine basis.

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De-Icing Cables

Roof de-icing cables help eliminate water and ice damage by providing an unobstructed path for melting water. They help keeps roof edges, gutters and downspouts free of ice and it's accompanying blockages. They are adaptable to most roof and gutter situations.  Their primary purpose is to prevent ice dams from forming on inclined roofs with tab shingles, which build up in the gutters and even in downspouts.De-icing cables minimize ice dams that damage gutters and cause leaks

Roofs with inadequate insulation melt the snow which can lead to ice dams when the water runs to the roof edge where there is less heat to keep the water from re-freeing. This melted water then pools at the ice dam and can leak under the shingles and cause damage to the interior structure.

De-icing cables can provide an effective and economical way to prevent ice dams from forming in the first place. Whether for home or business, and particularly on North facing roofs, these ice dams can be problematic and can cause expensive damage.  If you have found ice dams building up on the edge of your roof, this can be a solution that eliminates many headaches.

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Splash Blocks

Splash blocks are made from various materials, They are generally lightweight enough to move easily but yet heavy enough to stay where you put them. Placing splash blocks beneath the downspout elbow helps to disperse water away from the foundation and prevent water from seeping into your basement.

There are many styles, colors and even materials to choose from.  Because there are so many preference considerations, these must be advance ordered prior to our arriving on the site.  The details can be worked out when we discuss your estimate.

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Snow Guards

Snow Guards prevent snow from sliding from roof and damaging gutters

Seven Excellent Reasons To Install Snow Guards

   1. They Prevent damage to your gutters.

   2. Protect vehicles parked near the roof.

   3. Helps to minimize ice dams.

   4. Helps to minimize insurance claims (that can raise your rates; go figure).

   5. Protects landscaping & valuable property improvements.

   6. Keeps snow and ice from injuring friends and family (or customers).

   7. Available in many styles  for both residential and commercial use.

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Rain Barrels

Rainwater has been harvested for thousands of years. Capturing rainwater is long established practice in gutters and downspouts channel water into eco friendly barrels for gardening, etc. many parts of the world.  It is referred to in many ancient manuscripts, including the Bible and is commonplace in Australia, Germany and the Caribbean islands as well as other parts of the world.

Additionally, collecting rainwater for local use is a key element in the construction of so-called “green buildings”  the goal of course is to  minimize the use of natural resources during the construction and subsequent operation of the project.

However, the benefits are not restricted to businesses, but can be used for irrigation of home gardens and farms and can also be used for many "grey water" applications and can even be treated for use as drinking water.

Rain barrels are an effective and efficient use of the natural cycles of nature and are eco friendly.  They are particularly useful when water use from wells for irrigation purposes puts a strain on the resources available.

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Protective Edging

Protective edging preserves and protects the appearance of gutters long term.

The Gutter Edge product will help keep your seamless gutters in like new condition for many years.

Over time, water splashing and dripping over the edge of your gutters will leave streak marks similar to the picture on the right.

As you drive along, look at the various gutters on the homes  and you will clearly see the markings that the overflow creates. The Gutter Edging strip will prevent this from happening.

If you would like to maintain the like new condition of your gutters, this is an excellent and reasonably priced upgrade to the work you are having done.

The Gutter Edge material may also be included as part of your total footage when calculating the amount of gutter work being done as it relates to the $50.00 off coupon that is offered on this site.

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