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Drip Edge

Gutter edge is a simple product that protects the fact of your gutters and prevents water from staining the front of your gutter system. This valuable service keeps the system looking new for years.

If you drive around and see seamless gutters with streaks staining the face of the gutters you can see an example of what happens when water stains accumulate over time. This is a relatively inexpensive add-on that is not necessary for your gutters to function properly, but years from now, when you decide to sell your property, the curb appeal of gutters that look new will be a great advantage.


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Seamless Gutters Repaired or Replaced

Seamless aluminum gutters installed and repaired. All estimates include the downspouts, materials, and installation services.

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Fascias and Soffits Repaired or Replaced

Fascias and Soffits inspected and replaced or repaired as needed. Please see our FREE VIDEOS for helpful information that will enable you to determine the likelihood that these items may need attention. Sometimes (rarely, however) damage to fascias and soffits cannot be determined until the older gutter is removed.

The vast majority of time damaged fascias and soffits are readily anticipated. There are usually other signs that give a clue that there may be problems here. For example, leaks, icicles and ice dams sometimes are indicators.

We hate surprises and make every effort to anticipate this problem when we give you a quote for our gutter system services. If you are uncertain about the condition of your fascias and soffits, please mention that when you request your FREE ESTIMATE so we can quote you a conditional price pending a visual inspection.

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Trim Wrapping Services

Wrapping is a service where aluminum is shaped to cover exposed surfaces such as fascias. The advantage is durability, and ease of maintenance. A special device is set up onsite and each piece is measured and shaped individually. Any surface that is exposed to weather extremes is a good candidate for wrapping.

Please be sure to mention this when you inquire about your estimate so that proper supplies can be brought to the site.

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Gutter Protection Services

A gutter is useless if it fails to properly channel water. This is why routine gutter maintenance is so important. Gutters must be kept free of leaves, twigs and other debris so they don’t obstruct the proper flow of water. This point has been made more than once on this site.  Serious damage to your walls and siding can result as well as pooling of water around your foundation.

This routine maintenance service should be done by the homeowner or a professional at least twice a year. The installation of a gutter protection system that prevents leaves and other matter from clogging the gutters is a the answer for the homeowner who prefers not to deal with the hassles and climbing challenges that regular maintenance requires.

There are a number of gutter protection systems.

Leaf screens or mesh

These are metal coverings that fit inside from the front to the back of the gutter across the top. They act like a strainer and filter out the unwanted debris and allow just the water to channel through your gutters and out through the downspout. Nothing is foolproof and even these require an occasional cleaning to keep any debris from blocking the screens.

Solid covers with slots on the sides

The concept that these types of protection systems rely on is called "water adhesion". The water enters the gutter through slots or small holes that are on a vertical surface of the cover. Leaves, twigs, and other large debris simply fall over the edge onto the ground. Small matter, like pine needles, just flow harmlessly through the gutter and through the downspout.

You've seen this principle in action in your kitchen when water seems to defy gravity and find it's way into some inconvenient place. Properly applied, this principle is actually a useful application when it comes to gutter protection.

Snap-in gutter guards

These can be made of vinyl or aluminum. They are basically solid caps that snap onto the top front of the gutter and slide under the roofing shingles. It is most convenient to install this type of protection when you are installing a new roof.

Obviously, this minimizes disturbing the existing roof shingles. Some types of gutter guards rest on top of the roof shingles but they can be blows off in high winds and present difficulties of their own. What type of system will work best for you? Please ask when you call or request a FREE ESTIMATE.

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